NIE eligibility

Hi -

i have got my visa stamped on March 19th 2021. i have not been able to travel to the US because of travel restrictions. I am a software engineer in a data analytics firm. Am i eligible to apply for NIE?

Thanks in advance.

If you work in any one of the industries in the below link, you may qualify for NIE.

Thanks !
I applied today.

Hi Anunain and Kalpesh,
did you drop a mail to US consulate by yourself or your employer immigration/visa team did it to get the NIE approval.

In my case, I have not been able to stamp visa due to dates unavailability, in this case do I need NIE approval first from the embassy then only can my employer book the slot or how we should go.

I dont know but seems like my employer’s visa team is only aware about the personal NIE category.

Also Anunain, is it possible for you to share the NIE letter, that would be helpful.
Please help

Thank you so much in advance.

I sent an email on behalf of my employer. And yes, your employer cannot send the NIE approval request, you have to send it. Your employer can give any supporting documents from client/themselves to make a strong case
Only with a valid unexpired visa you will be eligible to apply for NIE.
Since your visa is not stamped you need to block a slot and get the stamping done first.
Google to see if the slots are available for stamping in India and accordingly talk to your employer.

Wish you Good Luck.