NIE approval before 6th July

Hi ,

I got my h1b visa with NIE annotation on 16th June 2021, based on that I applied for my family NIE that got approved as well but in email approval it is mention for 30 days 1 July to 30 July. Is this new rule applied to both my self and my family. Or I have to send an email to embassy to confirm

Applies to you and your family however The State Department has expanded the validity of its national interest exceptions (NIEs) to the regional COVID-19 travel bans to a 12-month, multiple-entry validity, effective immediately. Previously, these NIEs were valid for 30 days and a single entry only. The policy change affects NIEs issued under all of the existing travel bans – for those present in the following countries within 14 days of trying to enter the United States: Brazil, China, India, Iran, South Africa, the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.