New SEVIS ID, F1 Visa Interview - Second MS in Different School

I came to usa during fall-2016 and completed my masters in may-2018. I have then started my phd. My chance of obtaining opt was denied after masters as I transferred to phd. Now, I am thinking of withdrawing from my phd in Jan-2020. I guess my sevis will be terminated immediately after that as I wont be having any status. I plan on going back home in January. But, my F1 visa is valid till Jun-2021 (I got it for my masters in 2016).

I am now planning on applying for fall-2020 for masters at other universities. So, if I get admit from those universities will I get them on new sevis id or the same old one. And do I need to take the visa interview again with my new sevis id (if I get one)? If I get a new sevis id, will I be eligible for opt this time after masters?

Please let me know.

You will get a new SEVIS ID. Well, this is slightly a grey area. There was a 5 month rule that tells, if you out of US for over 5 months and not used F1, then you would need to come back with new stamping… So, you need to confirm this with the School you plan to apply and their DSO. I also suggest you to write to the CBP and get confirmation, if you need stamping again…You do not want the situation where you arrive at port of entry and have issues… Talk to couple of DSOs when you apply on this and get clarified.
Get email confirmation, so that you can carry as proof.
Also, do update here for community benefit on the outcome.

Thanks for your reply.

But when I have googled about 5 month rule, it said that if student has valid visa he/she should be fine, but they do need valid SEVIS ID. But I will contact CBP and get confirmation.

And regarding email confirmation that I can carry as proof, do I need to carry one from CBP and local consulate in home country or from DSO of university I apply.


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I would write to all of them and get confirmation. Carry the email confirmation from CBP and local consulate saying you do not need stamping again. The reason is, they are the ones, who will give you visa and the ones allow you to enter US.
Share updates here after you write to them for benefit of everyone.