New petition H1b extension -Dropbox eligibility

Hi ,

My prior H1b visa approved in 2013 ( Got receipt number as WAC ******5645) . But went to stamping only in Feb 2015 and got 221g in Hyderabad Consulate. After submitted the client letter, visa stamped in May 2015. Went US on Oct 2015 and I was in US till Jan 2016 and left US for personal problems. But US client gave me oppertunity to Work from Home.

Visa expired on 16 Sept 2016. From Feb 2016 to till now I am working from home (India) for my US client.

Now the same employer applied new extension (premium process) for me and got approval 2 days ago with new receipt number. (EAC ******2312). Am I eligible for Dropbox or need to go for an interview?. This is new petition with different petition number?