New L1B(blanket) & H1B got picked in Lottery. Will it cause any issue?

I have my L1B interview scheduled for 6th Oct through Company A.

But Company B had notified me that my H1B had been picked up in lottery & they are yet to share the next steps.

H1B is my first priority, but i cant stop the L1B process until i hear it from Company B.

I have two questions,

  1. What will happen if my L1B Visa is approved & then i go for H1B stamping? Will it affect the H1B stamping result?

  2. Does my L1B(if got approved) will be closed once i get H1B stamping or is there any process that the Company A can block?

Kindly share your opinion & expertise.

  1. If your interest is with H1B, then i would wait until H1B is approved. You can attend L1 stamping at any time. Once your L1 stamped, again you have to attend interview for H1B stamping. By that they might question you more that without utilizing L1 why you are trying with H1 and some more questions… to avoid such nonsense i would wait until h1B approval status.

  2. it depends. while filing H1, there are two options like COS or fresh. i assume your case is fresh. so better to try with H1 than L1 first.

Thank you Jathin,
I can’t postpone the L1B as company A is insisting to go ahead with it.
I am waiting to hear from company B so that I can cancel this for long time.

As per your suggestion, I feel I need to wish for my L1 rejection to be safe for H1B.

I am on same situation, can you please confirm what you are decided to do

No…i am not suggesting like that. I am telling if you are desperate to go with H1 then you have to…
otherwise my suggestion is: Since your case was already picked in lotter, let that H1b approve. leave that for now. Now go with L1 stamping. after reaching US when ever you wish to switch, you can file COS with the approved H1 petition and start work

I would always suggest you to take what is in hand, rather than wait for something else to come. So, appear for L1 stamping - and if DS-160 asks you about any other immigrant/non-immigrant petitions pending, then answer it as yes. Appear for stamping with an intention to get approval.

you can wait for h1b status and then decide next steps.

I don’t think it asks for other non-immigration petitions pending. It asks for immigrant petitions pending, and the answer would be NO as H-1B is not an immigration petition. That would be I-140.

Hi Jathin,
My L1B Visa got approved today. I am looking forward to travel & change status accordingly.
Thank you for your inputs.

My L1B Visa got approved today. Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

Sounds great. Thank you much for the update too.