New L1A/B from Canada without wife/spouse accompaning because she is in other country

Hi I am married and living in Canada. Wife is in UK and has not been with me in Canada ever. nor does she have any canadian status (tourist, spouse visa anything).

I am in process of applying L1A/B visa for myself and I would like my wife also to get L2 for both of us to be able to move to US. The problem is that I am in Canada and she is in UK.
If I apply and appear for interview at US consulate in Canada, how would my wife get L2 because she is not with me?

  1. Would they require her to be with me during my interview in Canada? OR
  2. would she have to book her own appointment in UK? OR
  3. should I go ahead and get L1 here in canada → then go to UK → do her processing → she appears for her interview in UK and I accompany her?

what are my possible options? Thankyou!



You can get your L1 in Canada however you dont really need to go to UK. Once your L1 is approved, she can use the copy of your I-797 approval notice for her L2 stamping in UK.

Below information may help.