new I797 start date is future date, visa stamping


My new extended petition is approved and its start date is on 02/04/2016 and current petition is valid till 02/03/2016 and I am travelling to india in december and my visa was expire july/2014 (old employer).

Which petition number i have enter in DS160 and appointment form?

If it is new petition number can I travel back to US in 1st jan, 2016. Some where i have read that cannot travel 10 before the petition date(02/04/2016).

Please help me out.



your situation is little complicated. If you appear for visa intv,you have to provide the latest one only as the old one was expired. If you appear for visa interview, you can travel after Feb 4 th only. For fresh visa only you can travel 10 days before. yours is a extended petition and old one was expired. so i think you can travel after the start date.