New I-94 land border crossing - old and new passports


I plan to apply for a new I-94 by crossing the land border to get around the H-4 application processing delays here:

I have 2 passports, and the old one that expired in 2020 has my Visa stamping. At the moment, my I-94 records can only be looked up online using my old passport number.

This form to apply for a new I-94 requires a passport document number, and when I input the old passport number, it’s able to lookup my information successfully, but doesn’t allow me to progress to the next section since the passport has now expired. Changing my info to include the new passport in the form, on the other hand, does not pull my information correctly, so I am unable to move forward with that either.

Has anyone faced this? I could pay the fees when I go there in person, but I am trying to avoid having to speak to the guards if possible. Any help would be appreciated.