New I-539 preparation while H4 pending

Staying in the US, I applied for an H4 extension with my husband H1B. His case was processed as premium service but my H4 is still under pending after fingerprinting.
As my husband is petitioning a new H1B as moving to a new position, I am also submitting another H4 extension. Preparing I-539, I have an ambiguous question regarding my status.

The questions are “Current Nonimmigrant status” and “Expiration date”.
As I didn’t get an approval of my current H4 application, I am not sure what I should write down. Mayby “H4” with the applied expiration date? Or “H4 pending”

Please help me regarding this.

Thank you,

been waiting for H4 extension, but as facing the expiration of the applied H4, I am applying