new H4 Visa- Seperate I-797 required ?


I got h1b visa for one year and I am going to US next month. At the time of applying my H1b visa, I didn’t send my wife details/passport copy/marriage certificate( employer asked) to my employer for processing h4 visa for my wife as I want to bring her after 3 months. Now she wants to come with me.

Did my wife need to get any doc/approved I-797(seperate for h4 visa) for H4 from employer?.or my original I-797 is sufficient?

Why my employer asked me to submit her passport copy and personal details?

What kind of process need to do from employer side for h4 visa ?

Thank you very much.

No input is required from the employer for this. She can take an interview date and appear by herself carrying your documents and her passport, wedding card/album, marriage certificate etc.

Employer may have asked for so that they know your complete profile in case future petitions need to be applied in US.