New H4 Application

I have a few queries and it will be good if you can answer them.

Can I apply for H4 with EAD from India ? Or do I need to apply for H4 and once approved, then apply for EAD?

I read somewhere that I need to be present physically in the US for H4 EAD application. Is that correct ?

Does applying EAD with H4 affect the visa approval ?


If you are talking about H4 extension of status then it can only be applied if you are already in the US. You can apply H4 EAD along with the extension of status if you are in the US

If you are in India and have a valid H4 visa already, you can user primary H1B I-797 to enter the US on H4 status, CBP will issue I-94.
If you do not have a H4 visa, you can apply one at the US consulate in India using the primary H1B I-797 and once approved travel to the US.

For H4 EAD must be applied while in the US amd on a valid H4 status provided the primary H1B is also valid and have an approved I-140.