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Hi Saurabh,

I am typical situation now!!

1. I have got my peition approved through US employer, Right now I am in india
2. Petitioner/ Employer who filed h1b doesn't have positive feedback in india US consulate
3. I could not be able to go for interview - Road block
4. looking for h1b transfer - I found it is possible to transfer even before working to employer and even before entering in to USA


If the new employer who transfer my petition and if it gets approved will i need to stay in that company for 12 months. to appear for VISA interview in India. New employer could be USA (rolls out offer from USA itself) or any indian employer rolls out offer ?????

Please advise me on this. As i can't appear with the current petition as i see more rejections.

H1B Transfer

You don’t need to work for them for 12 months prior to stamping. You can appear for interview soon after your new petition gets approved. So if the new employer is completely US based, you can appear for interview even w/o working for them a single day (as they don’t have any India offices).