new h1b visa->transfer h1b(transferring h1b soon after getting h1b stamped)

Can we transfer a newly stamped h1b to another employer as soon as possible. Do we need a 2 months pay stubs for transfer. or is it okay for a new fresh h1b visa to get transferred to another employer (if we have not worked on it yet)

Go for Cap-Exempt…

I am very new to this. Can you elaborate how to go for cap exempt ?

Its same as a new H1B [petition, but U dont need to go thru lottery again and it can be filed at any time, unlike cap-subjected petition which is to filed from April 1st.
Better go for Cap-Exemption in Premium Processing…
Also talk to ur employer or attorney if they can transfer as ur visa is stamped

Hi rana

When currently on l1 and in USA , i 94 expiring on sept 24 including l1visa(so both would expire on same day). One attorney says that if h1b is approved before this expires then we need not go out of country and enter back on 1st oct when h1b is effective.

Another consultancy says that they are ready to convert l1 to h1b cap exempt and this does not. Come under 65k quota. How to believe them and what questions to ask to confirm?