New H1b During 240 grace period

My current Visa Expires on April 2020, my employer filed extension in premium mode which went into RFE ( Employer-Employee ) relationship.

Client refused to give their confidential document.
In this situation, my employer says, we will reply to USCIS without their documents and our attorney will explain the situation nicely to USCIS.

Here are my questions :

  1. Without the USCIS requested documents, replying to RFE will be denied ?

  2. If denied , can my employer file another petition again ?

  3. My employer saying, if the case is denied, we will file another petition in normal mode. If my employer apply in NORMAL mode and my i94 expired after April 2020, can some other employer apply petition for me for another client ?

It means, can i change my employer & work for the new employer with receipt number ?

  1. If i work with receipt number with my current employer & that case also denied then should i leave the country immediately ( Assume my I94 expired).