New H1b and i140 receipt number

Hi There,

My 6 years of H1 was expired on Sep 15th, 2014, i left the country on Sep 13th, 2014 and my employer filled h1 extension on Sep 16th, 2014 based on PREM LCA approval(Approval Date was Sep 15, 2014) H1 was approved in Nov 20, 2014. my employer filled i140 in December 2014. i am still in India, Couple of question here.

  1. If he(employer) didn’t fill my H1 extension before Sep 15, 2015(Current i-797 validity date), what are the other options i have?

  2. If he fill the h1 extension before i-797 date, can i get 2 years extension? if h1 didn’t get approve or got delay can i apply for new H1 in 2016?

  3. i haven’t receive i140 receipt number from my employer, how to get that?