New H1 Transfer while current H1 transfer is still pending?


[b]      [/b][b]I had a approved H1 with Company A. I moved to Company B after i got my H1 transfer receipt. I resigned from company A. Now I got an RFE with the H1 Transfer. They replied. I got RFE again. This was about the client letter. Company B is a prime vendor to the Client. They are unable to obtain client letter. I fear of H1 transfer rejection. [/b]

[b]1) What happens if the H1 transfer gets rejected?[/b]

[b]2) [/b][b]Client told that he would take me in as full time if my H1 transfer gets rejected. Will it be possible. I am not sure if Company A has revoked my H1 or not. [/b]

[b]3) If there is a Non disclosure between vendor and client. Can i apply for full time with other client and move with fresh H1 transfer when the current H1 transfer is pending?[/b]

[b]Please help me out. Thanks in advance.[/b]