New H1-B filing when there is an approved H1-B in place

My H1-B has been approved for 2013 quota on Sep 2012, valid till Sep 2015. I have not been able to find a U.S assignment through my company which is an MNC. As per company policy, H1-B will not be stamped until an assignment is confirmed.

My wife has gone to U.S last month on H1-B. I am not sure how long I will have to wait before I get to travel on my company’s H1-B. at the same time I don’t want to lose any chance of getting through in H1-B quota f 2014 which startes in April 1st.

My questions are

  1. I am in India now. Can company B in U.S file an H1-B petition for me on April 1st 2013, then I travel on H-4 (dependent of my wife) and once my H1-B is approved when in U.S, can I start working from Oct 2013?

  2. If above option is not possible, is travelling on H-4 ASAP and having company B file H1-B on April 1st 2013 is the only option left out for me?

  3. Can company C in India file H1-B on April 1st 2013 under cap exemption since I have H1-B approved from Company A?

Appreciate your help. Thanks!

you are cap exempt right now, you can get h1 filed any time of the year.