New H1 after completion of old H1.


I spent 3 years (out of 6 years) on H1 petition ‘A’ and went to India in 2013 and spent close to 2 years.

Again I have come back to US on petition ‘A’ in 2015 May with another 3 years of extension which is valid until June 2017. So I have 2 years of gap for the same petition.

So can I apply for fresh H1 in 2017 April quota by staying in US itself?

If yes, and it is picked in the lottery can I continue to work for another 3 years (which is 6 years together combining petition ‘A’ remaining 3 years and new petition ‘B’ 3 years (out of 6 years)?

If above answers yes, then what would be my start date on petition ‘B’. In general it is from October 1st.

I did not see similar situation questions in this forum. Please if anyone has same situation and has clarity of this please answer.

If you apply in 2017 April quota, your clock will not be reset. Even though you stayed outside US b/w 2013 and 2015, yet you used a previously approved petition in 2015 to enter US. Had you gone through quota in April 2015 instead of using extension, your clock would have been reset.

You get 6 years on H-1. It can all be through A or mix of A and B, or mix of A, B and C.

Does that make sense?

Thanks a lot Saurabh for your quick response…appreciate it…