New fee increase will affect h1b transfer

I heard like recently USCIS has increased the fee for H1B an additional of $4000
Now my question is, currently i am in INDA and I have valid stamped H1 visa from company A but unfortunately I couldn’t find any opportunity from company A. So now as I got offer from company B I would like to go for H1B transfer to company B

  1. will this new addition in fee costs/affect company B?
  2. If H1 transfer is approved for company B, is my old petition with company A valid?
  3. Can I fly and work in USA for both companies A and B?

Appreciate your response.

  1. Do you know if B has more than 50 employees w/ more than 50% of them on L and H visas?

  2. Yes, A’s petition is still valid even after you receive a cap-exempt petition from B.

  3. You can enter US using A or B’s petition as long as that employer is willing to hire you as an employee in US.

H-1 is never “transferred”. You end-up w/ multiple approved petitions and pick and choose either to work.