New E3 Visa - Change of Employer

Hey Guys,

Iif I am filing for a new E3 (outside of USA) due to change of employer -

  1. Does my wife (who is on E3D) have to travel with me overseas when I go for stamping of my visa or can she stay back in US?
  2. If my new E3 is approved, does my wife need a new E3D as well?

My wife and I are currently in the US on an E-3 and E-3D, each with approximately 1 years left on it.



I think you asked this question on my wall, but I could not access it. Sorry. Your wife’s E3D is valid through changes. Yes, it must transfer to new E-3D when it expires but right now this is not needed. She does not have to travel with you. Just complete your requirements. Hope this helps.

Extension to the question above.
If E3 is not approved, can I enter into US and work on same old visa and same old Employer!?