New driving license - Pending L1 Petition Extension?

I have moved to NJ couple of months ago.I have L1B visa stamped til Feb, 2022.My PED is 6th Nov 2019 along with I-94.I have already filled my petition extension last week.Now after receiving the receipt can I go for a new driving license/test?


Well, it can be slightly tricky, if you go after the end date of I-20. There could be issues with SAVE verification. Some DMVs accept the pending state for issuing the Driving license, some do not…So, I suggest you check with the DMV on this…Even, if you go now, they will only give until the end of I-94 expiration…so, check with DMV on how they handle in NJ. In some states like California, they do not give DL when it is pending. See H4 DMV AB 60 License CA . Also do update after you check with DMV on your status here for community benefit.