New Approval Notice is valid but doesn’t have the I-94 and ongoing COVID-19 situation and global pause on air travel

I am an H1B Holder - Class: H1B, Valid from 10/2017 to 07/2020.

I filed the H1B Amendment in August, 2019 while I was in India. After filing the Amendment from India and the subsequent LCA approval, I traveled to the US for work. I am currently in the US with my family (H4). My I-94 is valid up to 07/2020.

Recently, I received the approval notice i797B in response to the amendment that I filled in August of 2019. The new Approval Notice is valid till 08/2022, but it doesn’t have the I-94 details with it. The approval notice mentions the Consulate as New Delhi India. Perhaps the assumption is I am still in India, but it is no longer the case. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and global pause on air travel, I will not be able to travel to India anyway for stamping. Please guide.

Anyone can advice? please.