Need your opinion about the process of H1B


My self Yogesh Sethi. I am in New Delhi. I am computer hardware engg by profession sin year 1992. Last week joined a facebook page,“JOBS IN CANADA”. There I meet with a person named, “Bill Bush”. I sent them a mail containing my basic details (Not my CV). He gave me a impression that he is very much interested in me and getting H1B visa is no simple. I don’t know any thing about this. Here I am posing the almost entire communication we had. Kindly suggest me in this.

My first mail to him:

Sir, My self “Yogesh Sethi”, I am from New Delhi,India. By profession, I am a Computer Hardware Engg. I am engaged in Computer and Printers repairs since 1997. Here I am providing Customers Support services like fault finding and repair of desktop PC and Laptops, O/s installation, solutions of Software related issues etc. In printers, I repair of Dot Matrix and Laser Printers. I am providing card level and Mechanical level repair services of printers. In short I am a complete package in Computer and printers repairs services. Even I am able to repair and refill the laser printer cartridges if required.

Second, I am also into Health Insurance sector since year 2005 and doing well in General Insurance like Motor insurance, Personal Accident insurance since year 2014.

Its my introduction for your kind reference. I am looking for a job opportunity in US. Kindly inform me, is there any possibility for me over there. If yes, then what are legal formalities I have to do.

His Reply:

First i must say you have an impressive CV, the companies listed below where all interested in you until they learned that you do not reside in the United States and you do not have the necessary documentation for working in the USA, this kind of problem is because companies in the US do not want to get entangled in immigration law and the stress that comes along with it. Fortunately we have an immigration attorney that can help you get the necessary documentation to work in the USA, this will also cost you some little money for legal fees but with expected result.

Interested companies below…name of few 5 star hotel

In reply I asked him about fee…he replied…If you are ready the immigration attorney has sent the cost of processing your H1b Visa, as stated in the USCIS billing form which will be sent to you as soon as you are ready to pay your Base fee as commitment to show How serious you are, also a sample USCIS i-129 H1B visa form that the immigration attorney will help you fill and submit, is also attached to the mail the H1B visa will not Affect any of your cases it will only Enable you get an instant citizenship card to work and have a free movement in UNITED STATE and as for the jobs there are classes of job you have to meet with the board and tell them your area of Discipline so that you can be fixed in.A Premium Processing Service fee of $100Base fee of $325immigration attorney processing and consultation fee $200

Total $625 USD.

I replied:

Is this the final amount that I have to pay or need to pay more after this?

And In how much time I can get the offer letter/Appointment letter from the employer?

As you mentioned that you will send the H1B visa via mail and invitation letter will be sent to me later.

Whether I need to appear in front of Visa officer in embassy to obtain my visa and No visa fee will be payable to embassy here in India?

Accommodation and travel ticket will be provided by the company or to bear by me?

Please inform me how much time it will take to complete the process?

He replied …After your base fee you receive the H1B visa via your mail so you can be sure of what you paid for the Attonomy officer will help you in filling the form and invitation letter will be sent to you on when you come over here for some interrogations with the board to know your Area of Discipline,which i will tell you Area of concentrations as your Agent. After that you start your job and your Apartment will also be shown to you. there is no other Amount you need to pay, my Agent fee which you can Decide to pay anytime as you start working if it pleases you.

you don"t have any business with the India Embassy,the company Attorney here in U.S that are interested in you working with them are the ones to process your visa which is the money you are paying before the process start. and you don"t need to Appear in front of the India visa officer,after your visa is ready i will let you know as your Agent and for the traveling ticket the U.S company are already in control of that,you are just needed to to be Notify on your mail on when you come here and the Airport flight you are to come with, all your bills will be well taken care of plus your staying Apartment which i have already made provision of that for all my client.immediately you pay your complete fee you are to be Expecting a visa Notification on your mail in 5days time counting from the day you made your payment as your seriousness is shown.the invitation letter with the visa you are to summit before the India Embassy before your taking off.

Kindly suggest me whether this person looks genuine or he is fraud.Best Regards

Yogesh Sethi

from the my point of view,

first of all, to get right H1b sponsor is not easy as you got. Always be careful before to transact any money

all visa fee should be paid by your employer. you should not pay any amount before you got your valid visa and job letter.

wish you all the best.

Thanks for your advice Sir,