Need your help to provide RFE document

  •    Statement of Work.  Please provide a copy of the 3 most recent Statements of Work ("SOWs") for the project to which employee will be assigned in the U.S.  All SOWs must be signed by the end-client and the current SOW must be valid.

    My Query:

    1.They asked me for most recent two and current sow.I have only single SOW as my project is fixed price with validation from aug 2013 to Aug 2016.My visa validity i was applied for 3 years from now that is till Aug 2017.Will it be ok if i provide this single sow.

    2.My Job title for H1B is Web developer.

    The SOW i am sharing is Application support and enhancements .I mean l1,l2,l3 support and enhancements.Is it fine?

    FYI .I will be submiiting End client letter having same role i mentioned and validation.

    Please clarify if there are any issues