Need your help for my H1B Petition

I have filed H1B petiton with company A and my petition got picjed for FY 2015 cap and I got my I 797 and I 129 and LCA from the employer and there was two RFE’s which got on my petition and my employer responded to that but didnt not tel me about what was the two RFE they have asked and replied he has provided to them only informed me that he has responded to the 2 RFE’s on my name, I went for the interview at kolkate US consulate where he asked me about the two RFE’s response which I was not aware of so he gave me form 221g and kept the passport with the consulate, I have informed the same to my employer he asked me to sen mail to USCIS asking me to revoke my petition, i sent mail to USCIS to revoke my petition, later after couple of months I have received mail form USCIS stating that post decision activity they informed that they have approved my case I 129, again after a month they have sent me response that they have revoked my case which they havesent the approval before, these responses I have sent to my employer he asked me to ignore them.

Later last year 2016 I have filed a H1B petition with company B which got approved I have received the ! 797 form for my petition, there was an RFE on my case reg client letter and my employer responded to it,

What would be the chances of my H1B visa getting approved?

Will the USCIS refer the old petition and would that effect my current petition ?

What I need to check my current employer B regarding my petition?

My last petition with employer A has been approved and later I sent them to revoke the petition but the I 129 would it be still active or expired can I use my old I 129 and LCA and apply for VISA ??

Please help and guide me in this regard