Need your Advice on H1B transfer immediately after coming to US.


    I got H1B stamped on my Indian passport with validity till July 2016 from company A based in LA, california. I need to find a new project once I land there, as there is some budget issue with the project which I got selected for. Now after my arrival my employer will find a project for me any where in the US which I don't want. I would like to find and get a job in Denver, CO as my relatives and close friends have been staying there from 2008. I have cleared technical discussion with one of my friend's employer - B based in Denver.


   Now my question is, Can I transfer my visa from Company A to Company B after few days of my arrival in US ?

   My friend suggested me one solution as : I will come to US to directly to LA as mentioned in I- 797 without telling Employer A, stay for 1 or 2 days in LA and fly back to denver, apply for the SSN and visa transfer from employer A to B.

  Is it possible and legally safe ?

  will I face any problem if I return to US from India for vacation during my Visa period (i.e. before July 2016) ?

   will I face any problem while extending my current Visa ?

I am in dilemma. Need your valuable advice to take a further decision whether to go and transfer Visa or continue working with employer A for at least 3/4 months at any location and then switch to any employer based in denver ?


Your advises are appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.

I believe the best way is to work for your current employer for some time ( weeks/months) and then apply for H1 transfer. Coming by your own seems to be a risky option. As you will be here with no payroll and there has to be LCA posting and other things done before you come, so it could be a problem when you apply for visa transfer.