Need Urgent help regarding Inperson Interview for minors

Hello All,

I need all of your urgent help in my case.

Wife got approved for F2 visa. We used dropbox for our children who are under 14 yrs of age.

My graduation date is May 5th 2024 and the embassy at Chennai is asking Parent(s) to attend for an in person interview on or after May 5th 2024.

I am absolutely lost and cant find a way out of this.

Can i appeal for an emergency appointment on grounds of attending my convocation?

Will it be sufficient if my wife alone can appear for the interview?

what are my options here please?

if you know someone who has gone thru similar situation or have any opinions, please let me know on an urgent basis.

I thank you for all of your help.

Your case wont qualify for expidited appointment.

Did you submit the copy of your F1 and your wife’s F2 visa when you applied for your children. Unfortunately there are not many options for your case.
At the most your wife can attend in-person interview with your children and carry copy of her and your visas.

Sir, I am in the US right now.

Yes, she submitted both mine and my wife’s i20s.

We submitted documents asked by the person at the VAC which includes all i20s for wife and children, passports, marriage certificate, and visa copies of me and my wife.

But sir, can she go earlier than the date given in the 221g form?

Please suggest who can I approach for an earlier date??

As I mentioned your case may not qualify for expidited appointment so unfortunately you will need to follow the instructions in 221g.
At the most you can send an email to the consulate that issued the 221g requesting earlier date and explain the reason for the request. Try and see if they can accommodate.

Hi sir,

Thank you so much for your answer.

I only have the generic email.

Iif it’s not too much to ask, could you please help me with the Chennai consulate email address.

My apologies for being daft.

Again, thank you so much.