Need Urgent Advise- Regarding L1B Extn and H1B 2015

I am working in US on L1B visa having visa & i-94 expiry date as 07/18/2015 and my H1B is selected in lottery for year 2015-16 with some other employer.
My company is filing for L1B Extension (I129). Also, my spouse is working on Valid H1B. Here are my questions

  1. As my I-94 is expiring in July 2015, will it increase the possibility of RFE in H1B Change of Status?

  2. What are the possible options to stay after my I-94 expiry date?

  3. Is L1B Extension processing time be considered as Valid Status, and COS (Change of Status) will be provided to me on Oct 1st?
    If not, what are the possible options?

  4. can i apply for change of status to H4 now? will that affect current I129 extension process as well as H1B verification?

  5. If I go for H4 visa, how soon should i apply for H4 and how many days will USCIS take to approve?

Thanks in advance for your help!!