Need to know when to file h1b exetnsion

Hi All,
My current h1b is expiring in sep 29 2019.I am planning to go to marry in end of june around 28 june 2019.I have to file extension with same employer & same position .So extension will be same .
I have couple of question need to understand what to do ?

(A)Should i file for premium for h1b extension in april as i am with same client & same position & get approval for new h1b with new validity & then travel to india ?
(B) If i come back after june maybe around 2nd week of july & then file for my h1b extension is there any issue with my h1b extension , do i get any issue with my h1b extension approval ?
© If i do Step B , later on maybe when my spouse appear for h1b visa stamping around end of july or august starting, she has only valid petition left for till end of September , so did she get any issue for getting stamping done under h4?
D) IF she get stamping done for h4 & come to usa by the time she has maybe has one month left on h4 visa as my h1b is expiring in sep ,so is there any problem for filling h4 extension from usa ?

Thank you again for reading my post .

A. You can apply for it anytime 6 months before expiry. So, you can technically do that. But, you need to pick premium to avoid delays.
B. No, there should be any issue. You can do it after you come back, you will still have 2 months. Ask your employer to have everything ready, once you are back, then apply for the same.
C. Not really, it should be fine.
D. No, there will not be any issue, it will be fine.
Discuss with your attorney at company and make an informed decision.

Thank you kumar for your response.