Need to apply for Wife passport


My company has filed H1B for me.

Let says it gets approved, I will have to take my wife along with me.

Concern is she does not have a passport. So questions are:-

  1. Can she apply from her hometown, showing the status as married ?


it is mandatory to apply from my hometown only.

Few of my comrades says that , Husband name is mandatory in the passport if applied after marriage and passport can be issued from the same place who had issued mine.

Please confirm.

What will be the consequnces if she applies from her hometown.


Your name is not mandatory in her passport. However if in the future you would apply for your kid’s passport from India, you will not be able to unless atleast one of you do not have other’s name in his/her passport. Marriage certificate and all will not help.

She can apply from any place she wants, but she would have to give 1 year proof of that address, and at the time of police verification, she would have to be there, until you bribe them handsomely.

Let’s say your passport has address “x”, and PSK “y” caters to that particular “x” location. Your wife could also apply from “y” PSK, after showing your passport as the address proof, and claiming that she is staying at that place.

I hope it helps.

What Mr srpankaj says is right.

But I wish to make other point if you care to listen.

Many of life’s problems are self created due to lack of thought for future and due to lack of concern for doing the things in a RIGHT way.Unnecessary short cut that one takes today can result in problem later.

8 times out of 10 we take quick fix solutions instead of doing the things in right way I see no reason why you should not apply with married name of yr wife with yr address.If there is urgency, spend time and money on getting the thing done in proper way