Need suggestions


Posting behalf of my friend.

1.USCIS issued my Authorization for Parole on

09/06/2022 and valid until September-01-2023 (1 year) however, when I re-enter from Mexico on May-

21-2023 the same AP had Parole stamp box (bottom) which has been stamped and extend the validity until May 18-2024

  1. With this validity, I went to India for emergency (Mom had stroke) and came back yesterday (Houston TX) but immigration team was hold me until midnight and finally confirmed that we will allow to travel but you need to meet immigration judge on June 10-2024 before that I need to have valid AP (Requested me to apply). Also shared the Notice to appear under section 240 (Provided the file)
  2. EAD is valid until 08-03-2024

Kindly provide if any had similar situation and how did you handled. Already approached attorney on this and they asked to share all papers