Need Suggestion on Stamping


I have applied for H1 in FY22 through a known consultancy and is under process with USCIS. I am anticipating for an approval in couple of weeks(Responded to RFE). Meanwhile in my current company I received an offer from our Singapore location. Now i am in a confusion to choose which opportunity US or Singapore.

Now my question is if incase my H1 gets approved now but I want to move to Singapore for a year and then move to US will that be possible? for this should I get my H1 stamped or keep my approval and get it stamped when I want to move to US for say i am planning to go to US in 2023. or should i directly go to US?

Your suggestion will be very valuable

Thank you in advance.

You should access pros & cons between the two countries and working on work visa. For e.g. There is a decades long wait to get a PR (green card) in the US for an Indian born H1B worker (unless you worked as a manager/executive in the Indian company and transferring in a similar role in the US branch which makes you eligible for EB1 green card category which is processed faster/2-3 years), while you can apply for Singapore PR after you work there for six months on employment pass.

Also if you have children in their teens, long wait for PR in the US means they will need to be switched from H4 dependent visa (they can’t even work on dependent visa) to F1 international student visa once they cross 21 yrs of age. Once they are out of college and if unable to get a H1B sponsoring employer, they will need to self-deport (leave the US) themselves, breaking your family. However the US may have better college education and much more opportunities career wise.

If you have aging parents in India, flying from singapore will be quicker than from the US.


You can get the visa stamped once you get the H1B approval, no need to wait. That way your visa will be valid (assuming it is issued for 3 years) when you want to move to the US job. Also once the visa is stamped, you will be counted against the H1B cap and so you will be able to transfer your H1B to a new employer (if you get a good offer) even before you can go to the US and work for your current employer.