Need suggestion about F1 and F2 visa interview together


I have booked a F1 and F2 visa interview slots at New Delhi consulate at 24th June 16. I am planning to pursue MS in Comp Engg from University of Florida this fall. While applying for I20, I also requested the I20 s for my wife and daughter (Age 4 yrs). I have the following questions -

  1. My wife is currently working in a Software Company in India and earning decent salary. She is NOT leaving job now, rather for the next two years she plans to visit me occasionally during my daughters school breaks. Does this plan sound odd for the visa interview? Can she be denied her F2 as a potential immigrant?

  2. I have sufficient family funds to show 2 years of my education expense. Will I be considered as a potential immigrant due to higher age and planning for MS? I am actually taking a leave from my office to pursue this course.

Thanks in advance