need some query regarding my h1b petition


[b]i am sanjay,i have one question , my employer had petition my file based on as non-professional worker on 28/12/2012 and my employer got registration no. on 25/01/2013, is there any chance for me to get application approve . i m so worried because it’s taking so long time . [/b]


Hi Sanjay,

Normally it take 2-6 months for a H1B to get approved/denied, so have patience. :slight_smile:

By registration number, i guess you mean petition number? You got your registration number late because your employer might have filed late and not on 28/12 as you said. USCIS generates the petition number within 1-4 days after they recieve the physical copy of your application.

Hi,thanx to give a me fruitfull answer but there is one one qustion in mind ,that is i said before my employer petition my file in jan 2013 ,but one thing making me confused that uscis start accepting petitions from april, 1st .is my petition come under 2014 quta or not .thanx in advance