Need some input/insight

In the previous question you’ve talked about why one want’s to pursue an MS is an important deciding factor when it comes to the decision “To go or not to go”.

Well I want to pursue an MS purely for the quality of education that is provided at the universities there, but preferably without the monetary burden.(My dad’s a rtd. bus conductor) so nothing to go on there and if I do take a loan and don’t get a job then I’m screwed(Pardon my language). If I do come back I’ll probably be stuck for the rest of my life with the loan and the knowledge that I plan to invest so much in, will not be effectively utilized either.

I’ve been offered a “software consultant” position at TCS (I’m in my final year now). I’m afraid I risk being stuck with mediocrity for too long if I choose to join.

What are my options?

Being a TA seems to be a good way at a Uni that waives tuition.(how hard is it to get that? an article on that topic would be nice)
the next best thing is an on campus job. But even then to clear my debts I’ll have to get a job during the OPT.

I apologize for the long post.

Dude just chill…Try your luck for Fall-2016…currently there is confusion about OPT extension of 17 months and by Fall 2016 you will have clarity on that issue, but u can start applying for Fall 2016 from now or u can target for Spring 2017 to better your chances for scholarship or full funding…you can try for Idaho state university where Indians are less in number n with above average academics u may get full or 80% funding n rest can be arranged once u come here n enroll in University u may have various options like short term loan r credit card payments etc n nothing to worry on that part, the debt will be so low for you where u can earn that loan amount in just 2 months of your formal job once u complete your degree…best of luck buddy…

I can totally imagine your situation. If you are really passionate and study, there are definitely ways to make it work. Few options,.

You can work for few years, save some money and then apply for MS. It definitely will have you enough money for the fees. You may also get opportunities to travel to US for work… Getting can get scholarships for MS., you need to plan well and apply for them on time. Overall, my perspective is that, if you have the will, there is a way. You just need to plan for it. You can always delay pursuing your dreams to fit your needs by working for few years…I did my second masters after working for 5 years, all I did was save money for my MBA. So, do not give up your dream, think and plan it well. You can do it !

Thanks, for that information, If I may ask are you studying at I.S.U. ? If not where are you studying?