Need some help regarding multiple H1-B

I have two companies ready to apply for new H1b two different companies as i am in opt. Is it legal to file for H1B through multiple employers? i heard news that some of the applications are being revoked last year. Any suggestions please?

Any number of H1s (by different employers) can be filed for a single candidate. Its legal.

Reason: H1B is not owned by the candidate. Owned by the petitioner(employer who files it).

So, for a given candidate, multiple employers can employee. Its just like one candidate getting multiple job offers.

Thanks for the reply…Do you know what might be the reason for revoking ?

you heard that fact but there is no proof. Thats a false news.

Could you please suggest what happens if both the petitions are selected?

Please make sure that company 1 is not related to company 2 in anyways.

Other than that you are fine!

Happy Hunting!

Its like you are having two tickets for two movies. You can watch any movie… one ticket doesnt impact the other ticket.

Good point emoerh6x. Thanks for adding that caution.

You are good to go if multiple H1’s are being filed from different employers

H1 is revoked by USCIS when you run into query (221g) at the time of stamping and necessary docs are not being submitted

Can we file multiple H1’s and if both the H1’s get picked up; Can we drop 1 with out answering?