Need serious help, Could you please provide me some suggestions?

Dear all;

I got my H1B visa recently approved from small company with out any issues. I have masters degree in food science from US and now working as a chemist. My F1 visa expired last month. Meanwhile i gotta family emergency call from India. So i wanna go back home as soon as possible. My biggest threat is, while i was in F1 Visa, i worked outside the university due to financial problem. I misuse my social security number and that was back on 2010 for only 3 months summer.

So based on my situation, do you guys think they will do my background check and find that out during issuing of H1B visa. I hope that is undercontrol of IRS than DHS and US Embassay? Any idea they communicate each other to figure that out. Please drop your suggestions and help me.

dont understand your question.

you misused SSN? How?

misusing SSN doesnt relates to your Visa and Re-entry. ITs a whole new dept as per my understanding.