need procedure to correct the intials in passport bought in 2011

i bought passport in 2000 before marriage. After marriage i have included my husband name., but i found the intials of my husband is missing im my passport . i need now to correct it. please provide me the information.

His name Y.P. Venakata rohini kumar

abbrevation of Y. P - Yannamala purushotaman

but im my passport they included only yannamala and Purushotaman is missing

please what im suppose to do now

Now any such change means applying for new passport.

Also be a little careful about your English.Your first sentense was – I bought 2000. Passport is not something which can be purchased.

Lastly if you were issued pasport in 2000, it would have expired in 2010.

Apply now for fresh passport with correct names and correct documents