Need perfect solution for my case - H1 B and L1 extension

Hi. My husband is working in CTS in L1 B. His visa expired on Aug 2012. But i94 date is Aug 2013. He is applied for H1 B visa. Still Waiting for receipt. 1. what is the last date for receiving the receipt? 2. If anyone apply for L1B extension from USA or from India , they are rejecting it. so canada is the other option. But our visa already expired. if he go to canada and not get the extension, then he cant come back to USA. Can anyone give suggestion for my case. pls.

Perfect solutions are only given by attorneys. Free advices are at times not perfect.

  1. There is no published last date. Based on historical data, everyone should know their result by June

  2. There is no way to avoid it and every option carries some risk. You will have to look at the risks involved and then decide to take the least riskier route.

  • L-1 extension from inside US

  • L-1 visa stamping from CA

  • L-1 visa stamping from home country

thanks for the reply.