Need info on h1b Processing for people having gap after studies.


Mine is a typical situation, can anyone help on my profile for h1b.

I finished my BSc(science) in the year 1996, due to some persona issues I could not continue my studies and from 2004 till 2005 I have done few courses in Ameerpet and joined one company as fresher in testing in 2006…there after I grew in my work…now my company would like to process my H1b visa (2016 cap). Is it possible to get H1b for my profile with such a huge gap after my studies and with no masters? Can anyone help on advising on this. How to achieve H1 b.

Thank you.

Even though you haven’t done 4 years of Bachelors, yet you have enough experience to make-up for that. Still it would be better to get education evaluation done and get detailed experience letters.

Break b/w studies and work will not impact your H-1B processing

wow…thank you so much for the reply Saurabh.
Its a relief.
did not understand “Get education evaluation”… my company have verified my degree at the point of joining. is that what ur saying?

USCIS doesn’t know about your Indian college. So there are education evaluation agencies in US who expertise in this field of evaluation. They will look at your college, your courses, curriculum and confirm what’s the US equivalent of your education.

For H-1, you need to have 4 years of US Bachelors or its equivalent. Let’s say your US equivalent comes out as 3 years. You fall short of 1 year and would need 3 years of relevant work experience to make-up for that gap (3 years for each missing year of education). That is where your several years of work experience will come in handy (and that’s why I said to get detailed work experience letters).

Makes sense?

oo cool…yes definitely…understood now… thank you so much for this info. :slight_smile: