Need info about Godswill Mgmt and openWave Computing LLS

Hello Pals,

I am looking for H1B sponsor for Fiscal year 2016. I got interview from a consultancy named “Godswill Management Consultants” for their client “Openwave Computing LLC”.

The problem is the candidates who go through the interview have to share the fees for filing H1B petition i.e $5000 out of $ 8000. This sounded fine for me as I am finding very difficult to find an H1B sponsor’s interview and the concerned people are at least bearing few thousand dollars. They are saying this arrangement is have a hold on the candidate in case H1B is approved but candidate is not travelling to US. However I am still not convinced if I can go ahead with them. They are saying that they will refund the fees in one year.

Has anyone of you had experience with the consultants and the concerned company. I am desperate to find an H1 sponsor and hence I don’t want to lose this partial opportunity. Please anyone share you experience with the above two concerns and help me.



Hi Sujath,

I also get a call from Godswill management regarding H1B sponsorship. I also wanted to confirm the consultancy is genuine or not. Did you get any info about this consultancy?. Please share you email id. My email id is



Dear Team,…

Openwave is a good company. Not sure they will charge money for visa processing. They processed my visa and haven’t charged anything. I am working with them for last 1yrs. Haven’t faced any issues.
Try to talk to Openwave directly, don’t go with other people. They may cheat you.


I am also looking for H1b sponsor for 2017 and I got call from Godswill management and their client is Openwave Computing from chennai. I want to know do you people got any information abt the consultency and the Openwave. If yes, could you please share the details.

Thank you.

I heard about Godswill Management Consultants through one of my friend who applied for H1b Transfer this year, they are doing good, my friend got his H1b approval for transfer.

I know about Godswill Management Consultants through one of my friend, this consultancy is good and genuinue.