Need help- very urgent - H1 to H4 COS and new job with H1- Questions.


I have applied for H1B to H4 COS on 13th Oct 2017 (2 weeks back) and I received the receipt number today.
But, now I got a job on H1 through another company and they wanted to do H1B transfer. I wanted to join this job.
I have below questions, Can you please advice?

  1. What happens if both H1B to H4 COS petition and H1B transfer with another company happens in parallel?
  2. Can you please suggest me the options available now?
  3. Do I need to apply for H1B to H4 COS cancellation before new consulatant apply for H1B transfer?
  4. Who has to file my H1 to H4 COS canellation? and when?
  5. Can I start working with my H1B after I receive H1 transfer receipt? As he is applying in normal processing.

Can you please guide me options available with me to work with this new company without any status related or legal issues?


Hi Madhuri,

I am in siilar situation.Can you please let me know how did you handle the situation? Were you able to withdraw COS and join new company?

Appreciate if you can please share your experience ,