Need help to understand tracking number

Hi team… I have applied H1b with private agent/sponsor …now they telling like my application they sent to Usics…my questions dont we get tracking number at the time application submission? ?

Hi Team,

I am also applied H1b with some agent . now he is telling like my application sent to Uscis and he was shared my LCA certified … now my questions is dont we get any tracking number at the time of application submission to Uscis ???

Please help me in this … i am totally confused on this …

Hope we can tracking number from agents or attorney

Hi when we send courier in our country we will be getting shipments tracking number right… similarly when attorney send courier though FedEx they will be receiving kind of tracking number to track the documents which they sending to usics… either they will send individuals documents in single courier or bulk.

Attorney will receive the single courier number for bulk… but in that number we cant know individual application number …Thats problem ,

At the moment you have to rely on FedEx or UPS or USPS tracking number. You would get a more definitive application number only after lottery has been conducted and you receive receipt number (selected in lottery) or rejection letter ( not selected in lottery)