Need help to find out Genuine US consultants file H1B

I have possessed total 4.9 years of exp. in a software industry and cleared MCA degree from Gujarat University.

Now, I am looking for a H1B opportunity and want to apply current financial year.

My friend gave me US consultant’s details that help him in last year to file H1B and he got stamping in Nov 2012. I’m planning to apply for H1B with help of same consultants.

As per my friend, success ratio of consultant is very high and he is trustable but I just want to clear few important things about the consultants before processing anything like he is legal advisor or not in USA to avoid cases of fraud. So, please advise me important things which I have to clear with consultants before submitting anything or payment.

Also advice other way to find US sponsor company or website details who help me to find genuine and legal sponsor and US consultants who help me to apply for H1B.


Payment ?? Genrally H1b sponcerer should pay for your H1b

Thanks for your response.

Here company don’t sponsor me directly and not bear anything. I have to bear everything, in fact consultants will take some proportion of my salary initially against of H1B.

Like LuckyLoser mentioned, legally the employer is supposed to pay for H-1 fees. Here is an article that can guide you how to determine fraud -

You should ask potential employers:

  • whether they have direct clients or not
  • whether they can provide client/project letters or not for processing
  • whether they provide salary on bench or not
  • what’s their cut for any billing project
  • do they ask you to sign any contract
  • what’s the salary and other perks (like holidays, insurance etc)
  • etc

Hello Lucky,

Hope you are doing well.

I need your suggestion for H1B. Actually, one of US consultants ready to file H1 for me in April 2013 with following conditions and offer. So whether I should go with that offer or not?

  1.  He is asking me to deposit total 8000 USD, out of which 3000 USD need to submit before 15th March 2013, remaining 5000 USD submitting between of July/Oct 2013 before joining company in USA. Whether I should deposit it or not?
  2. They have asked me to sign 2 year bond and after completing the 2 years they will return my deposited amount. Whether I should trust on them?
  3.  They offer me 55000 USD. Per annam. How much possible to save in US after deducting all expenses? What is the cost of living in Pittsburgh USA? I heard it depends on area, but could you tell me (approx.)
  4.  What is the tax I have to pay there?
  5.  Is my wife eligible to doing job in USA? She comes with me in dependant visa.
  6. What is the possibility of hike in USA after no. of years?

  7. Most of companies in USA hire employee in a permanent bases or contract basis?

  8. Is I am eligible to move any city or place in USA for job after 2 years?

  9. I need to confirm legality of consultant means whether they are legal and trustable organization or not in USA, how can I do that?

  10. Someone ask that, it’s possible to save 50% salary in USA after deducting tax and all expenses, is it? Can you please give me brieg idea about the cost of living there.

Lot’s of confusion and query arise in mind before take any immediate actions.

Your guidance really great helps me here.



Paying for H1b is illegal . Still they ask us to pay to push the financial risk from thr end . But deposit of 5k is unfair and you cant trust them whether they will refund or not after the said time .

  1. 5k as deposit is unfair and 3k depends on your undestanding with employer whether they will refund if you get visa

2)Employment in US is at will . You or your employer can terminate at any time but they can collect money for liquidated damages during that 2 years

  1. 55k is avg or below average salary . U have to pay 30% flat taxes on H1b .So u ay end up with 3k per month

  2. 30%

6)No she cant do the job . But she can fine H4 to H1 COS and do the job

  1. It depends on your employer . Better ask when they give hikes or % basis

8)It depends mostly permanent roles will be given to Green Card holders or after working with clients for few years


10)u can check in myvisajobs , desicrush and gooltee sites

  1. It depends on the place . For a batchlr it costs around 1200 / month