Need help, sponsor. Opt after mba possible in my case?

I have a ms in engineering from USA with two years of exp. I had to return to India because my employer couldn’t sponsor me at he last min. I relocated to India. I have an admit for mba for fall 2013. However it’s very expensive and for my MS also I had to pay from my own pocket. I am in India now and looking for a sponsor for the past 1 year. I have finished my 29 month opt also.

Will I get any opt once I finish my mba or is it possible to transfer from f1 to h1.

anyone knows any sponsoring companies in India. Please help me. I really want to go back to USA.

For Master’s only one OPT is allowed. So only if you do phd you will be able to avail one more OPT.

unfortunately, For your MBA you would not get another OPT

H1 Quota is over for 2013. You will need to wait till Apr 2014 to file H1B and can work only after Oct 2014

If you get admit to MBA you will need to be on F1 untill Oct 2014 ( after that you can get COS)