Need help regarding h1b stamping??


I was on H4

One of the india consultancy filed my H1b in may2012,got approval on october 2012.

I dindt had any project,i got project on 19th dec 2012.I m going to india in May 1st week.It will be really helpfull if someone can anwser my question:

1.Since I started working on 19th dec ,and i got my first pay check in jan.So i dont have any W2.Will that create any problem for stamping??

2.There is gap between my visa approval date and my offer letter/actual starting of a project at client side??

what are the diff kind of questions can from consulate?(if anyone have any experience please appreciate your comment/help)

can above points creat the issue for my stamping??

3.I just have offer letter and h1b approval notice from my employer,What other documents i need to get from them??

Please help.

  1. Why didn’t you file tax for those 11 or 12 days? Never mind, if possible do it now. Yu have time till Apr 15. If your employer says he doesn’t have W2, I am not sure how to proceed. Atleast have the pay stub copy.

  2. Offer letter is what the actual start date. don’t worry about actual start date of project. I am assuming you attended some training after the offer date and actual start date of project.

  3. Not sure. Your employer should provide you a check list. If not get info from

Please see my post and vote for this petition:

You stayed unpaid for almost 2-3 months which is not legal. Your employer should have paid you the salary in 2012 along w/ the W-2.

You may be asked why you didn’t get paid and it will be then the officer’s discretion whether to approve or put in administrative processing.