Need Help on L2 EAD Extension

Hi Friends,

Iam in a Wired scenario (My First Visa Issues in USA) where my L1 Petition is getting Expired in April 2021 and My Wifes EAD is getting expired in March 2021.

My Question’s -

  1. Can i file my L1 petition extension and my Wifes EAD concurrently, is it possible
  2. Should i wait till i get my L1 Petition approved (Ill go with Premium Processing) and apply for EAD extension after that?
  3. I live in California, Can i submit her EAD Extension to Nebraska Service center (Wait time there is 3-4 months)

I was browsing uscis site for EAD processing times and California Service center (Thats where i live) has a wait time of 11 to 14 months (Does it really take that long?)

Can someone please help me with best possible option as she would loose her job after march (If she dosent get her EAD)

Dates (Deadlines of our Visas/Workpermins)

My PED - 15-Apr-2021
My Wifes EAD Expiry - 13-Mar-2021

Thanks in Advance.