Need help on B1 visa - Already H4 visa scheduled in december

Hi Saurabh,

Need help on this. I have already scheduled H4 visa in december 2016. Now my company plan to send on B1 visa. I am not seeing any option to book new appoinment . So I created new login with my company credentials but there while saving my profile details. It saying your profile already linked with another mail id and all. I have to cancel existing appoinment and book slot for B1 ? is there is any option to get rid of this?

Can you please help me how can I book my B1 appoinment now?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if you can book another appointment or have to cancel H-4 first. Its better to contact US travel docs support team and ask them about it.

Thanks Saurabh… I got the solution… We cant book new appointment when one already scheduled. Any appointment we can cancel onetime.So I cancelled H4 appointment and booked and scheduled new B1.