Need help -- H1B 221g White slip Administrative Processing -- HYD consulate

Hi everyone,

Attended H1B Visa interview at HYD consulate on May 17th. Went into the consulate at 10 AM slot.

VO - Can you please pass on your LCA and Client letter

Typing for almost 10 mins …

VO - Where are you working ?

me - Working for XXX comapany and XXX location

VO - How long are you working ?

me - Since last one year

VO - where did you worked previously ?

me - worked at NY in XXX client

VO- What kind of role ?

me – told my role

Typing for almost 10 mins again …

VO - What is your salary ?

me - XXX K

VO - your LCA shows that your salary is $60,000, Why is it less than what you’ve told me ?

me - $60,000 is the minimum basic wage any H1B employee would get , that’s what they have mentioned there .

VO - So, your employer isn’t paying you complete amount ?

me - No, he is paying me what I’ve told. I can show you my pay stubs now.

------- She didn’t asked me to take out though ----------

VO - Returned my passport and handed over “221g white slip” and ticked the check box, needs further “administrative processing”. No documents requested.

It’s been 2 weeks passed by today, Still the status says the same and the case updated last was the same when I’ve attended my interview ( 17th May) Currently my client permitted to work from home , how long this white slip processing is taking , I’m aware that there is no time frame for admin processing , but need the average time taken for the guys who received white slip.

----> I have one more question here ,

No documents asked till date yet. Only LCA and client letter took by the consular. Is there any chance that I can attend the interview again with different consulate by taking an other LCA copy from my employer (may be different country Mexico or Canada) ? ? please suggest !!!Thanks

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Can you mention the status on this now.It would help me. I have the similar case

Hey ,

My case was approved within one and half month and now im in US. Typically most of them were getting H1b 221g. Don’t worry and please wait until your case approves.

I am relieved to hear that and I have submitted the requested papers yesterday and I am waiting for their call.

Hi Please let me know your status

Please find mycade below

Hi Guys,

I was given a 221g white slip on 22 Nov 2017 and ticked the third box which is necessary admin processing and returned all my documents and passport too and asked me to check the status online

Please find the below conversation

Visa officer: who is your petitioner??
Me: XXXXXX staffing LLC
VO: are you going to work at client location or directly at XXXX staffing?
VO: What is your salary??
Me: 55000$ per year
VO: turning his head from system and asked where is your company located??
Me: Tempe, Arizona
VO: Are you single or Married??
Me: Married
VO: What is your highest degree of qualification??
Me: Bachelors in electrical and electronics

VO: He took a white slip wrote the number and told me that my case needed further administrative processing and asked me to wait outside for some time

Me : Waited for around half an hour and after that some one called me and asked to meet them in another counter. An Indian lady(not sure whether she is VO or not) with notepad and pencil in her hand and started asking the below questions

Another Indian Visa officer: What is your company develop?
Me: It’s a product development and profession services company it is developing a product XXXXX project

Another VO: to whom they sell this product

Me: They sell it to different hospitals and clinics in USA

VO: What are the other products or projects they develop??

Me: Currently they are developing this product alone but XXXX have a parent company called YYYY which is developing another project called ————-

VO: Can you tell the name of that company and noted all these details in a notepad and not in the system


VO: Do you know that your salary is very less??
Me: Actually apart from my salary they promised me that they provide food accommodation and along with that they take care of my insurance too

VO: how long will they provide food?

Me: For first 6 months and after that they will hike my salary based on my performance

VO: where are you working currently ??

Me: XYZ pvt ltd

VO: where is it located ??

Me: Madhapur Hyderabad

VO: What is your Current designation?

Me Technical lead

VO: How many people do you lead??

Me: currently I am working on an individual project but sometimes based on the work I need to lead a team of around 2 to 3 people in the project

VO: What is you designation in XXXX

Me: Programmer Analyst

VO: okay and she noted some thing in book and told that they need the case to be under administrative processing and it make take some time to get some more details and she told that the white slip issued by previous VO is 221g white slip and asked me to leave for the day.

Guys please let me know if any one are having the same situation and let me know what to do??

Hi Can u pls reply on your case status. This will be very helpful to others…