Need help for POE interview

Hello All,

I have a situation where i need your expert inputs. My wife and I both have h1 but from diffrent employers. (And for diffrent location too). We are soon travelling to US with our one year old. Please help us in the following.

  1. What is the best way to go to CBP counter in US POE?

Should we go together as a family or should we go to separate counters.

  1. I want to travell to my wife’s location first before going to my own job location.

What is the best possible way to answer to CBP officer if they ask which place i will be going?

Before I answer, couple of questions:

  • How far are your work locations?

  • Will you be having a domestic flight booked from your wife’s location to your location? If yes, then how long after your entrance to US will you travel?

Thanks for your reply.
Our work locations are pretty far. NJ and IN.

I havent booked the domestic flight yet. It could be around couple of weeks before i go to my location.

Please let me know what should i do.

It is strongly recommended that your first entrance to US is your place of work. If possible, try to go to your work location first and then take a domestic flight to your wife’s location to help her settle.

In addition, you need to be working for your H-1 employer. Even during those 2 weeks before you join your work location, you should get paid. Is your employer in loop about this?